Lactose-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

If you’re like me, you’re Lactose Intolerant and can’t drink any of the delicious whey protein shakes that are out there. It’s too bad too, because whey protein choices seem unlimited. A collective tear has dropped for us dairy challenged folks. Let’s not get into all the rest we can’t consume. read more

Process: Rookie Writer to Authorpreneur

Vision Planning Goal Strategy Process

Fried Potato Press started with a question, can E.R. write a positively criticized book by Kirkus Reviews, a reviewer that won’t hesitate to give any book a negative evaluation? So I looked at the three book ideas I had ready to go. The best one was easy, it had to be saved. The second best had complications, because the co-writer and I copyrighted it. The third best a.k.a. the worst, had no obstacles, since its registration with the Writers Guild had expired and it had minimal personal connection to myself. read more