About the Author

E.R. Sanchez is the owner and author behind Fried Potato Press. He started writing stories as a youngster, but after winning an award he didn’t take it seriously. Finally, by his late teens, he published his first poem and decided to dedicate his life to becoming a wordsmith. Enrolled at San Jose State University and attained a Bachelor of Arts in English while becoming a poetry slam veteran; Sanchez played chess with spoken word for three years while on two teams from San Jose plus one from Palo Alto and was able to help each team reach the National Poetry Slam’s semi-finals.

After the whole Bay Area experience, he moved back home to Los Angeles and embarked on the journey he is currently on. E.R. has been able to publish in print and online. His published poems and stories led him to produce a novella to test the market. He jumped into the publishing world, met milestones, and learned from the hits and misses. Now he’s writing his first full-length novel that will be released in 2021.

Check out the links to websites where you can find his tweets, poems, stories, and novella.