About the Author

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E.R. Sanchez was born with Pectus Excavatum and spent the first years of his life in and out of the Emergency Room, learning how to sleep with tubes connected to him. The doctors kept trying to convince his parent to have the Ravitch procedure performed on him, but E.R. came through.

Even though he was advised to never do anything athletic, he wanted to be like his cousin, and began studying martial arts. His doctor let him try karate on one condition, he had to do it without having shortness of breath and chest pain. E.R. passed this test and became Black Belt #1111 in the National Tang Soo Do Congress, founded by Chuck Norris and reestablished by Pat E. Johnson.

This only made E.R. more curious of what else he could achieve, so he played high school football like his cousins. Although he loved it, an injury forced him to quit and pursue different challenges. He began to box. E.R. focused on pugilism intensely. He won exhibition bouts, and started to fight in USA Boxing sanctioned events. But before he experienced more joy from the sweet science, he suffered an injury and was advised to quit. He didn’t want to give up, so he boxed a couple more bouts and lost before leaving the sport entirely.

Consequently, E.R. didn’t know what to do with his time, and he began to write privately. He always had the writer bug in him though. He wrote an award winning children’s book in elementary school. His teacher encouraged his parent to pursue E.R.’s writing talent, but it wasn’t until he published a poem when he was 19 that he realized he may be onto something. The first person he revealed this to had the reply, “They just published you because they feel sorry for you.” He did not let this defeat him and focused on writing more than ever.

The first time he publicly showed his ability to anyone was in Freshman English. It was finals, and everyone could share their work for a grade. He was excited and nervous. E.R. read his four poems to the class, and later asked the professor for feedback. The professor told him they were awful and needed to be developed. E.R. used that as motivation, and focused on cultivating himself as a writer.

He moved to the Bay Area, enrolled at San Jose State University, and attained a Bachelor of Arts in English. He also became a Poetry Slam veteran. He was on three consecutive teams, two of them from San Jose and the other from Palo Alto. All of the teams made semi-final appearances at the National Poetry Slam; an event where many teams never make it to a single semi-final.

Now, he is back in Los Angeles, keeping his heart and lung healthy to deal with the Pectus pressure. Since focusing on being published anywhere his research leads him to submit, he has been published multiple times, and has his sight set on a future he could have never fictionalized.